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Watercolor Pencils 101 Tutorial Video and Printable

Watercolor Pencils 101 tutorial video and printable

Watercolor pencils are a favorite around here and I shared a video tutorial and free printable over on my Handbook of Nature Study blog. I wanted to make sure that all my Harmony Art Mom readers had a chance to use this tutorial and printable in your homeschooling.

Click over to see five ways to use your watercolor pencils in your artwork and nature journals.





Watercolor Pencils 101 Tutorial and Printable




Weekly Wrap-Up: Still Summer Here

Still Summer Collage
Dirty Mountain Bikes, Garage Band, Swimming, Too Much Sunshine (Nuun for my boys)

I don’t know about you but I have felt like the internet homeschooling world has just been too noisy in the past few weeks. Too much talk about back to school, too many sales and giveaways, too many “top ten” posts, too many people all trying to get our attention.

I realize I have contributed to that noise so this post will be very short and sweet (with a special musical glimpse into my week at the end of the post). If you want to read my meaty post from last week, I invite you to read Charlotte Mason Knew The Secret to Learning Relationships.

Our family has been trying to fit in a few more outdoor summertime activities as the season winds down and before Mr. B starts his official school days the first week in September.

There were a few school related accomplishments this week.

Ebooks printed and bound…all ready to go.

Binders and notebook pages all lined up on the shelf.

New Art Supplies collage
Metallic colored pencils, Paper, pencils, and markers are ready, and Wire for a Sculpture Project!

Art supplies were ordered, received, and organized. Nothing like new art supplies and in high school there are lots more options to choose from.

Now we wait….one more week to go! Mr. B starts his community college class this coming week but our actual first day of school will be September 4th.

I have been singing this song this week…so enjoy a little Jack Johnson and Curious George and smile along with me: Upside Down.

Until next week!


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It Brightened My Day – MOMA Paintings

Just because it brightened my day…..

Every painting in the MOMA…………

On April 10, 2010.

Don’t you just feel better?

Note: There are nudes in this slideshow…preview for appropriateness for your family.

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