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Mother’s Journal – September

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 In my life this week….

Our whole week has been overshadowed by the huge wildfire burning near our home. We have been smelling smoke and watching the winds and fearing for our friends whose homes are in harms way. Last night they were finally given the okay to return home and today we have some rain! I think we may be on the backside of this fire and it will soon be put out. My husband has been working 24/7 on the fire…putting his heart into everything he does. He is a real hero in my eyes.

King Fire Sept 2014

My friend Heidi was evacuated from her home and we were talking about the experience together. She said that this fire has been a positive experience for her in two major ways. First, she felt the love and unity of our congregation as she had an outpouring of love and offers for help and places to stay. She was overwhelmed with it all. Second, she said that she has always wondered if she was too materialistic. Packing a small bag and evacuating showed her that she was okay with leaving her beautiful mountain home and all her possessions behind. She felt a sort of peace about it which surprised her. I am meditating on her thoughts this week as I go about my comfortable life, in my comfortable home. In the end, she was able to go home to her house…the fire had come within 800 feet of her property!


What I’m working on…

With my kids all either grown and gone or super busy and never home, I have actual time to work on my own projects in the evenings. This month I have been working on scrapbooking the years 2012 and 2013. I had my photos all printed and grouped by events so that makes it a whole lot easier to start and stop, filling in with a few minutes after dinner when I am not too tired. Scrapbooking can be a therapeutic activity for me as I relive the high spots of our family life and journal my thoughts before they are too far faded.

Pearly Everlasting

My favorite thing this week was…

Taking long walks with a friend and my dog on our local walking trail.  I love to be outdoors and spending it with someone who really needs to just talk….she has a lot on her plate and she needs a listening ear. I can do that.

New York Sept 2014

A photo, video, or link to share…

Two of my children are living in New York and last week they spent the day together in New York City (Brooklyn and Manhattan). I love seeing things through their eyes and hearing about their adventures. Gave them wings and now they fly…

October is going to be a busy month of family activities and then a trip….can’t wait to share that with you at the end of October.


Homeschool Mom’s Journal – Recap Journal

Walking Trail July 2013

I am sharing some of my favorite photos of each of the kids from 2013.

The end of 2013 has finished much differently than it began. In so many strange and wonderful ways we have felt God’s hand directing things…it has become perfectly clear that answers to prayer come in ways other than expected. In almost all cases, things have turned out better than imagined. What a gift and my heart is grateful.


My regular readers have been along for the ride as I closed up my homeschool, watched as one child really fly the nest all the way to New York, and also witnessed my personal efforts to become more fit and healthy. Milestones were reached and new goals are forming even as I type this entry.

Yosemite May 2013 (31)

December has flown by so I will try to recap with words and pictures.


We had a major snowstorm that dropped six inches of snow that stayed around for almost two week. It was cold!


We finished up our bathroom remodel which was a HUGE project. All the kids helped with their various construction skills…my daughter put in the tile floor! It is nice to have kids with abilities that are willing to help us out.

Tolowa Dunes State Park Dec 2013 (6)

My husband and I have found that now with the kids all grown, or almost grown, we have time to ourselves. We took a trip to Oregon just the two of us earlier in the month. Trying to find a new “normal” can be fun and exciting. It is a new chapter in our love story…one that is even sweeter than the 20-something love story we started before kids. Growing old together is okay, not to be feared. He loves my sprouting wrinkles and my silly humor. I love his quiet way…his always being there to try whatever comes our way.

Keeping up with a tradition, we write a letter to ourselves on New Year’s Eve to be opened the following December 31st. It is something we started years ago and always proves to be enlightening. I have been contemplating what my words will be in my letter to myself, how to look forward to another year of change and growth in our family. I haven’t always accepted the changes gracefully but it is getting easier.

My children are such inspirations to me. I’m no longer homeschooling my children but maybe they are still homeschooling me, teaching me to love every minute I have with them and then to be able to accept the quiet that comes as they slip out of my days. They are good at keeping in touch when they are away with words and images, gems collected in my figurative pocket to be brought out when needed. They sparkle and shine. I watch.

It is a letting go and an embracing.




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Homeschool Mother’s Journal – November Beginnings

Fall Table Decorations Dogwood Leaves


In my life this week…We had a big family dinner and were able to Skype with my middle son who is living and working in New York. I made new tablecloths for our dining table using my newish sewing machine. What a joy to be able to pick the fabric and then sit and sew some simple hems to create a tablecloth I love.

Fall Leaves
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…I am pulling out my favorite autumn CDs to listen to as I work around the house.

Wonders of Nature

Things I’m working on…I am reviewing several library books for my other blog featuring children’s nature themed literature. There are some wonderful books out there to stimulate interest in the awesome world around us.
I’m cooking…We had homemade apple cake and blackberry pie too! We will be making a pot of baked beans with the leftover ham bone from our big family dinner. I can hardly wait!

Barb and Amanda
I’m grateful for…We were able to attend a big spiritual event last weekend where my faith was built up and I feel very refreshed and encouraged. We also are having picture-perfect weather right now and lots of fall color still.

Last of the fall flowers close up
I’m praying for…Quick healing from my head cold because we have some plans next week that would be ruined with a drippy nose and a stuffy head.
Something I am ogling or have my eye on…We are going to be remodeling our bathroom in a few weeks and I am shopping for floor tile, wall color, and a new faucet. I love Pinterest and it gives me a lot of great ideas.

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