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Creative Mom – August 2017

Creative Mom August 2017

Planner mom

There hasn’t been much time to be creative in the traditional sense this month. We were gone for a quick visit to California and then had another house guest. On top of that, two of our sons have come home to stay awhile as they prepare for their next adventure. It’s been another month of change.

Garden plans 2018

On the creative side, I’m still working on a garden plan and am starting to have a clear vision for what we need to include: patio space, small fenced flower garden area, increased native plant garden, some of the yard art that I’ve been pinning on Pinterest, and a small area to build a tent platform for visitors who come in the summer and want to experience the great Oregon outdoors.

Shutterfly prints

I’m starting to think that summers here in Oregon will be for outdoor living and the rest of the year will be for more indoor activities. This means my much neglected scrapbook will not be forgotten in the winter time and my crocheting and stitching will become more of a priority when the winter storms are rolling in. It will be a new yearly rhythm to my life, dictated by the temperatures. We have a wood stove and the wood is all in the shed in anticipation of a change in the weather.

For the first time in forever I am looking forward to autumn because I am ready for a new way of seeing the world through my Oregon experiences.

“The habit of storing mental images can’t be overrated. It can comfort us and refresh us. Even in our busiest times, we can stop and take a mini-vacation in our own piece of nature to be refreshed and gladdened by ‘the silence and calm of things that can’t speak or feel.”
Charlotte Mason, volume 1 page 50

In the meantime, before the weather does turn cold here, I’m going to be squeezing in as much outdoor time as possible. When I’m in the deep winter, I will have lots of mental images from my summer and fall to remember fondly.

Creative Things To Come

Although I find it hard to make time for creative things right now, I know it lifts my spirits when I make that time, even if it’s only 15 or 20 minutes. It keeps my mind occupied with positive thoughts.

  1. Finish my crocheted dishcloths.
  2. Scrapbook!
  3. Find a book or two to read!
  4. Beading- I’ve been gathering the supplies all summer to create some beaded necklaces and bracelets.
  5. Garden plan
  6. Letter writing! I am going to be making time for more letter writing now that I have so many distant friends to keep in contact with.

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Creative Mom – June 2017


It is such a joy to be settling into our new life. Transitioning from California to Oregon at the same time that my husband was retiring, was a lot to digest. I still wake up and think, “Is it a work day?” My husband says my “honey-do list” is more work than going to his old job. Very funny mister!


Working on nesting boxes


The thing is that now we choose what projects to work on and our own schedule. That freedom makes everything more enjoyable. I’m still working online but that has always been a flexible work schedule and one of the most positive aspects of working for myself. My office just moved from one state to another.


Collection on windowsill


The creative aspect of moving has been fun! Decorating a new space with your own personal items really starts to make it feel like home. I found that displaying collections of things I have acquired over the years gives our house its personality. The pottery items made by various children lined up on the windowsill look really good. The collection of random items from our travels in the guest bedroom makes sense. Our family photos in the entry introduce us to new friends who visit. It’s a work in progress but one that I am truly enjoying.


Curtains in dining

I finished sewing the dining room curtains and I love the way they turned out. The old ones were too short and were beige. The new ones are just the right length and the fabric pattern is so cheerful!


High desert rock garden


Not surprisingly, I decided to make a rather ambitious long-term garden plan. We have spent some time refurbishing a neglected rock garden and now have plans to expand it as we learn more about the growing conditions of the high desert.


We have removed quite bit of the “grass” in the front yard and are opting to plant natives and plants that will survive the frigid temperatures of winter. It gets my creative juices flowing when I am out there digging in the ground.

paint sample for bath

Contemplating painting the hall bath to remove the awful adobe colored wall and also my son’s bedroom which has two tone walls.


We are looking forward to having one of our sons living with us for a while as he reenters life from his South American adventures. His project in Guyana came to an end and now he is deciding on his next goal. There hasn’t been much communication while he was living there because of lack of Internet or cell service so we are anxious to hear about his adventures.


Bird cross stitch in frame

Other Misc. Creative Things I’m Working On

  • Getting things framed and hung on the wall.
  • Crocheting some new dishcloths.
  • Photographing the many wildflowers on our property (follow me on Instagram to see some each week-IG name is outdoorhourchallenge).
  • Making plans for a custom garden gate that my husband wants to build (pinning ideas on a Pinterest board).

We’re looking forward to the summer months to come. Both my husband and I are excited about this new adventure and we welcome the challenge to use our creativity to make it our home for many years to come.


Reviving the Habit of Letter Writing @harmonyartmom

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Reviving the Habit of Letter Writing – where I become excited about sending actual snail mail again. Since moving, I have had several actual letters in the mail and I love finding them in my mailbox. I have made room in my life for letter writing and it is so therapeutic. Give it a try!






Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Membership

I want you to know abut this awesome product from As you are planning your homeschool year, keep this resource in mind. I have used these in the past with my own family and loved them. Please note that I am an affiliate for


Harmony Art Mom Creative Month

The summer season has arrived and with it I have found renewed energy for all things creative…mostly creating things and growing things. Creating little spots of beauty with things we already have around the house is something that brings me great satisfaction. My years of accumulating have pretty much ended and now I am on the down-sizing side of my life. Layer by layer I can find homes for the things I have used and treasured over the past few decades. Now, I look forward to a lighter and more mobile and spontaneous lifestyle. We don’t want to spend all of our free time maintaining things around the house. With just two of us, we can’t keep up with all the moving parts of a large household.

It feels like the right thing to be doing, as if we are being drawn to a new life just around the bend. The house seems too big. The yard is a bit too much for us now. Our dreams have started to solidify around a new chapter for our family.

On the other end of the scale….

Pioneer Woman Wedding Shower Gifts

My daughter’s roommate is getting married and just starting out on her life’s journey. It is bittersweet…she’s a lovely girl and perfect roommate so my daughter is sad to see her go but also so very happy that she has found her forever guy. We went in together to get her a wedding gift and we decided a bunch of Pioneer Woman’s kitchen items.  I love every piece Ree Drummond has created and it doesn’t surprise me that she is as popular as ever. I can remember reading her blog way back when and thinking she was amazing. Now, I do so enjoy watching her cooking show on Netflix, following her on Instagram, and using her cookbooks!

May 2016 Misc garden sign cat (26)

Our garden has been my place of refreshment this past month. I decided that gardening develops your patience! I am impatient to see how everything grows now that our watering restrictions are off and I can get my flower and vegetable garden going again.

We had a bit of a spruce up for our front yard sign post…plus the addition of the Guyana arrow. My youngest has been there for about six weeks now and is loving the people and the ministry. I know that he learning a lot about the world but I have to admit I will be glad to have him home in a few weeks. It was fun repainting the sign and I think it looks nice in our little corner of the yard.

Day Lily Collage

We spent an afternoon at our local daylily farm and I was able to pick a new variety to bring home. I chose the one shown in the bottom right corner, named Sunset Fire. I have been especially drawn to all things in shades of orange lately. Funny how my “color” changes and I wear and use that color frequently.

Fence Line Butterfly Garden

Other Creative Things I’ve Been Up To

  • Creating nature journal pages and finished writing my new Learning About Birds ebook for the Handbook of Nature Study
  • Made a few new recipes
  • Created a fence line butterfly garden

Here us a  Youtube selection that I really enjoyed this month.

Think of Me (from Phantom of the Opera)

This is one of my favorite pieces of music from this musical….I find myself humming it quite a bit. If your family has never seen a live production of the Phantom of the Opera, try to make it happen. All of my children loved it as teens!

We are proud to have earned the Reader’s Award with our Harmony Fine Arts art and music appreciation plans. I invite you to take a look at what these simple plans offer for your homeschooling family.

Practical Homeschool Award 2016 Harmony Fine Arts

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