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Mother’s Journal – April Vibe


It’s been awhile since I created a Harmony Art Mom entry recapping my creative mom life.  There are several reasons why I’ve been so lax in keeping you readers updated.

  1. I’m trying to be balanced in my online work and make it a priority to post things that will inspire your art and music appreciation.

I love writing the Music Appreciation Monday and Sketch Tuesday posts each week and they keep me feeling creatively fueled. They’re the foundation of my blog entries. In addition to those entries, as I have time, I’m reworking some of the entries from my archives. I hope these help you with your homeschooling.


  1. A lot of my creative activities I forget to take images to share.

I’m constantly baking and cooking yummy things but I only think to take a photo after we start eating it. I’ve been perfecting my homemade pizza recipe for our Friday night dinners with our boys. We’ve had 2 or 3 of our sons staying with us for the last few months and I’m back to creating a family meal as a way to stay connected. It doesn’t happen every night but usually on the weekends, which makes my mama heart happy.

When I have a few spare minutes, I’m working on my family scrapbooks for 2015 and 2016 which is a great source of happiness for me. I love keeping a record of our family fun and travels.

  1. Much of my writing is done in a journal instead of on my blog these days.

I have two different journals going right now. There is something therapeutic for me in the process of writing my thoughts and daily routines down with pretty pens each morning. It marks time. It helps me keep track of the good stuff. It makes me see what I have to be grateful for in everyday life.

hiking with ponderosa tree

  1. I have to keep some things offline. My children are all grown and they’re not always comfortable with me sharing their lives online.

It may be of no surprise to my long-time readers to know that my kids are all off doing amazing things. One is working with a company creating phone apps. Two are learning construction related trades; one is using his skills to help build homes after the hurricanes in the Caribbean. One child is doing Christian volunteer work, traveling the world, and working in the in-between times to support himself.

We are a home base for all of these activities.

men at the gate

Soon, one of our sons will be building a home on the property right next to us with the help of his brothers and dad. A family project that will be a lot of fun to watch!


I always thought my homeschooling years would be my most busy time of life. But, in a way, now that my kids are all in their early 20’s and 30’s, it’s even busier and more exciting to watch as they continue to blossom as adults. The journey just continues.


Stay tuned for more inspiring art and music related entries each month. I’m super excited to be updating and revamping many of my more popular entries from the archives.

Vermeer Artist Study @harmonyfinearts

Did you read last week’s entry featuring Vermeer?





“Pleasures of Winter”



“When there’s frost or snow on the ground, children have fun sliding, throwing snowballs and building from snow. But even when the snow is slushy and dirty, or the sky is gray, they should have interesting things to do outside so that their hearts are cheerful even when the day is cold and dreary.”
Charlotte Mason (in modern English) volume 1 page 85

I normally talk here on this blog about art and music and my love for both as part of my family life and my business. But, there is also the love I have for the great outdoors and the study of the things found there. This week I’m sharing a post from my archives that hopefully will give you some incentive to get outside even though it is the winter season. I’ve embraced cold weather nature study since moving to Oregon and have found the benefits of even a few minutes a day outside far outweigh the inconveniences of being cold.

Please click over to read my thoughts on “The Pleasures of Winter”.

Have you checked out my nature study website lately?


Handbook of Nature Study Logo

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Winter Wednesday ebook

Here is one of the winter ebooks that you can find in the Ultimate Naturalist Library membership. We are currently working through the nature study ideas together each Friday. You can download a sample here: Winter Wednesday ebook sample. 


Creative Mom – December 2017

Creative Mom – December 2017


I am most definitely in end of the year mode, reflecting on 2017 and planning things for 2018. Each new year breathes fresh inspiration into my creative side. I am a planner by nature so imagining the possibilities for the up-coming year makes me excited about a fresh start.

I have been working on my new planner and writing in goals and aspirations as reminders amid the month’s pages. I purchased a new set of gel pens to use, making it possible to create a color theme for each month’s writing. What is it about color that makes things more interesting?

Hoping to revamp my Harmony Fine Arts website is a priority this year, cleaning up some of the pages and organizing the content even better is also in the works. I have so many years of writing that is buried in the archives. Much of it can be eliminated and the rest needs to be updated to make it more useful.  Just taking a few minutes to read things from the past has made me remember the joy of being creative and making art and music appreciation something that I can enjoy every day.

Video from youtube – Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli and Perfect

I organized my CD collection and put my favorites into a case to put in the car. I spend a lot of time driving so having them to listen to has been uplifting. My current composer that is delighting my drive time is Joseph Haydn. Not strictly sticking to classical music,  I’m also delving into a little popular music and the video from Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli above is one of my favorite all time pieces of music….going on my play list!


Creativity finds its way into my kitchen this month as well. I have continued my baking spree with loads of cookies and biscuits and slow cooker recipes. I am currently reading all about the Scandanavian idea of hygge which includes lots of comfort foods and cozy drinks by the fireside. I am on the hunt for the perfect cheese fondue recipe right now…one that tastes like the amazing fondue we had a restaurant a few weeks ago. I think it will be a perfect way to add some hygge to our long cold winter evenings.

Planning, reflecting, listening, and tasting are all a part of this Creative Mom’s month (and life!)

What are you up to this month? What are your creative plans for 2018?

I will be sharing my new creative adventures next time….involves painting!


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