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Mother’s Journal – April Vibe


It’s been awhile since I created a Harmony Art Mom entry recapping my creative mom life.  There are several reasons why I’ve been so lax in keeping you readers updated.

  1. I’m trying to be balanced in my online work and make it a priority to post things that will inspire your art and music appreciation.

I love writing the Music Appreciation Monday and Sketch Tuesday posts each week and they keep me feeling creatively fueled. They’re the foundation of my blog entries. In addition to those entries, as I have time, I’m reworking some of the entries from my archives. I hope these help you with your homeschooling.


  1. A lot of my creative activities I forget to take images to share.

I’m constantly baking and cooking yummy things but I only think to take a photo after we start eating it. I’ve been perfecting my homemade pizza recipe for our Friday night dinners with our boys. We’ve had 2 or 3 of our sons staying with us for the last few months and I’m back to creating a family meal as a way to stay connected. It doesn’t happen every night but usually on the weekends, which makes my mama heart happy.

When I have a few spare minutes, I’m working on my family scrapbooks for 2015 and 2016 which is a great source of happiness for me. I love keeping a record of our family fun and travels.

  1. Much of my writing is done in a journal instead of on my blog these days.

I have two different journals going right now. There is something therapeutic for me in the process of writing my thoughts and daily routines down with pretty pens each morning. It marks time. It helps me keep track of the good stuff. It makes me see what I have to be grateful for in everyday life.

hiking with ponderosa tree

  1. I have to keep some things offline. My children are all grown and they’re not always comfortable with me sharing their lives online.

It may be of no surprise to my long-time readers to know that my kids are all off doing amazing things. One is working with a company creating phone apps. Two are learning construction related trades; one is using his skills to help build homes after the hurricanes in the Caribbean. One child is doing Christian volunteer work, traveling the world, and working in the in-between times to support himself.

We are a home base for all of these activities.

men at the gate

Soon, one of our sons will be building a home on the property right next to us with the help of his brothers and dad. A family project that will be a lot of fun to watch!


I always thought my homeschooling years would be my most busy time of life. But, in a way, now that my kids are all in their early 20’s and 30’s, it’s even busier and more exciting to watch as they continue to blossom as adults. The journey just continues.


Stay tuned for more inspiring art and music related entries each month. I’m super excited to be updating and revamping many of my more popular entries from the archives.

Vermeer Artist Study @harmonyfinearts

Did you read last week’s entry featuring Vermeer?





Harmony Art Mom’s Journal September

Mother’s Journal – In Admiration of the Season

September 2017

“It’s on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly.” Claude Monet


Looking around my room this morning as I write this, I see a scene that tells the tale of my life right now. There is a box with summer clothes stacked on top of it because I haven’t taken time to fold them as I swap out my summer and cold weather clothes. I see a stack of framed photos that are still, after five months of living here, sitting on the floor. My nightstand is piled up with my Bible, my planner, a bunch of pens, and my diffuser. There is a fleece blanket on the big chair and the down comforter is on the bed.  Everything seems in transition.


It is the change of the season, a time for reflection.

It also is a time for planning and anticipating a new adventure that will include colder temperatures and snow, lots of snow.

But in the meantime, I have other things swirling around in my mother’s head. Serious things that make me think about who I am as a mother right now. And, it is as always, the realizing that I am not in complete control of everything and even though it’s hard, I will be okay if I just don’t give up.

I consider myself an experienced mom. For a while now, I have even thought that I had being a mom to grown children sort of figured out. The last month has dissolved that notion. My two youngest boys, now in their twenties, have moved back home as they shift from one phase to another in their lives. Just like the physical season, it’s a time of family transition as well.


My husband and I were just establishing a routine with the two of us since his retirement. Our daily rhythms were fairly easy going and we accomplished a lot both around the house, in our volunteer work, and in having a really good time exploring our new area together on foot and in our kayaks.

I did not anticipate how much having the boys at home would make us reshuffle our lives again.


So once again I am writing a new chapter in my “mother’s journal”.  This is the chapter where I humbly accept that the modern family is very different than the one I grew up in and my children need to have support a little bit longer than expected. I need to accept that I’m going to be the “sandwich generation” where, on some level, I’ll still be supporting my grown children at the same time as I’m caring for my parents.

All of this does not mean that I’m unhappy. Rather, it has made me be firm in my resolve to simplify my life enough that I can remain flexible to take advantage of snatches of time during each day that I can enjoy this amazing place that we have moved to in Oregon, remain resolved to continue my activities that nurture my needs like my volunteer work, and still have time to enjoy having my family around me.

So for now, I’ll be trying to create a positive attitude about our family situation and savor the moments of time I have with us all here in Oregon. The photos will be hung soon enough and the boxes will be packed and stored away. In the meantime, I’ll be gathering memories of this first autumn we have in our new home next to the willows and river.  I’ll watch as the birds migrate through (like the Sandhill cranes!) and hang up extra feeders for the ones that want to stay awhile.

Maybe I should welcome my two boys as migrant birds; they are here for a season and then they will fly off to a new place.

What Does a Retired Homeschol Mom Do?

What Does a Retired Homeschool Mom Do @harmonyfinearts

What does a retired homeschooling mom do? Well, this retired homeschooling mom just started tutoring a few students AND acting as an advisor to a new homeschooling mom. What fun! I didn’t think this was something I ever wanted to do but it in fact has become a great joy…something that brings me such satisfaction. I love it when life opens a door of opportunity at just the right time.

I have missed teaching so much, and so far I am only tutoring math but it’s enough to add a missing element to my days. It’s easy to step back into the role of teacher and guide and it feels “oh so right” to use the skills I have developed over the past two decades to benefit another homeschooling mom who is overwhelmed and struggling a bit.

I had forgotten the way it feels to have someone look at you after a tutoring session and utter the words, “I get it!” You feel good and they feel empowered.

As far as advising a new homeschooling mom, it’s a situation where she is new to the idea of homeschooling as a lifestyle. She felt trapped in a “school at home” model and was unhappy with that method of teaching. I explained that she could change a few things in the way she presented her subjects to make it more in line with her family’s style and interests. She is clearly on the right path now and I look forward to talking with her again soon to see how things are going.

Word of mouth has brought me another opportunity to help someone locally with homeschooling.  I’m passionate about learning and teaching and am pleased that others have found value in this as well.  I’m not sure where all this is heading, but for the first time in a long time I’m beginning to see a path beyond where I am now. I was feeling a bit like a horse put out to pasture, long before I was ready for that to happen.


Stay tuned to see how it all turns out!


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