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Harmony Art Mom – Creative Month December


We are enjoying some winter weather and that always makes me feel as if it is time to stay inside and do some creative work. This year is especially interesting since I have started decluttering my arts and crafts items, giving most to homeschooling friends who will appreciate them. This has brought several unfinished craft projects to light and it energized me to get going again.

One of those projects was crocheting a few dishcloths for myself. I’m happy to report that I have successfully finished two of them and I am about half way done with the third. This will use up most of my Sugar N Cream yarn…which is a good thing. I have vowed not to purchase any more yarn until I complete this project. I passed along to a young friend a whole stash of yarn and she was thrilled!

crochet dishclothThose dishcloths came in the nick of time to adorn my remodeled kitchen. This was a vision of mine that my husband and son made into a reality.

house-improvements-november-2016-master-bath-and-kitchen-5We had new granite countertops cut and installed but my men did everything else including the new lighting, paint, and appliance installation. Along with the kitchen remodel, came the long awaited gift of a Kitchenaid mixer. This has had me mixing up a variety of new things and lots of our favorite cookies. It is a gift that will truly keep on giving. (He used Kohl’s cash and a deep discount and free shipping!)

pumpkin-pecan-cobbler-1One new dessert that I made (not using the mixer) was this Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler. It is like a chocolate lava cake but with pumpkin and spices. Amazing! This recipe is a keeper!

Shutterfly dishclothShutterfly is my favorite photo printing website and I have over the years created many gifts using their products. This month I took a chunk of time to create a photo book with the photos from our family portrait session. I think I was able to create an amazing keepsake and ordered one for each of the kids (using a 50% code and free shipping!). I also created a 2017 calendar, photo gift cards for family, and had printed some larger prints to give in frames as gifts to our parents.

My creative month always includes listening to music of all sorts. This one has been my theme song this month: It’s Going to be Okay (Piano Guys). Only listen if you want to smile and find yourself clapping and singing along…it’s that good.

My young friend showed me her bluetooth wireless speaker (808 CANZ) and I was hooked. I marched right down and got myself one to use with my ipad and iphone. It is an amazing device and I can listen to music or podcasts now while I wash dishes or clean house or do just about anything because this little speaker is powerful and portable. I leave my ipad on the kitchen counter and I can keep the speaker with me as I move from room to room. It’s the little things. The link above is an affiliate link to Amazon. I purchased my speaker with my own money and love it!


Of course, I have been taking lots and lots of photos of the amazing colorful world around me. I love this way of capturing the moments that touch my heart. This tree was just so beautiful on this particular morning and now I can savor the image as long as I want.

So what have you been doing this month to be creative?

Have you participated in Sketch Tuesday?

Have you listened to Music Monday?

Don’t forget to do something to feed your creative soul!

Art Show Wall Display 1

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Favorite Three June Edition

Three Favorites from Harmony Art Mom @harmonyfinearts


Summers should be a time for refreshment, creativity, and exploring. In my world, that means getting out the art supplies, taking day trips to new places to try new trails, and finding time to be with family and friends. It is an outdoor time of the year where we spend long summer evenings relaxing on the back deck after dinner talking and perhaps playing a game until the sun goes down. We have done all these things already this summer and it fuels in me a desire to do even more!

This week my daughter will be coming home to spend some time with us and we are going to do just that! She expressed her desire to visit a few people and to travel to a couple of our favorite summertime spots….Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park. I am always eager to visit those two places so we will be hopping in the car and making day trips out of them both. Stay tuned for glimpses into those adventures soon here on the blog!

In the meantime, here are this month’s Favorite Three things.

Crayola Super Tips

1. Crayola 50ct Washable Super Tips with Silly Scents I have been using these to complete my Sketch Tuesday assignments (this is my affiliate link). I know that I have shared them here before but I wanted you to know that even now I have them as my “go to” markers. They have such great colors and they last a long time. I highly recommend them for your family. Note: Several of the markers have “silly scents” but they are not overpowering.

2. Love this video about willow basketry…something I would love to have the opportunity to do. This is on my favorites list as an inspiration to me and for all of you. Finding a new craft that you can explore can bring such delight.

Making Willow Baskets

3. Night Sky App – We truly love this app for identifying the stars we see in the sky. I know that many people know about this sort of app but I will find among my acquaintances those that didn’t know there was such a thing. So this is your official invitation from me to give it a try! (The Night Sky this is my affiliate link.)

Night Sky App

From iTunes: Night Sky App

 What favorites do you have to share?

Harmony Art Mom’s Favorite Three – Roadtrip

Three Favorites from Harmony Art Mom @harmonyfinearts

There is nothing like a good road trip to clear the cobwebs out and give you a fresh perspective on life! My husband and I recently rolled the odometer a few thousand miles on a roadtrip to Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. We both love to drive so this is the best kind of vacation for us of all. We plan a day or two of strictly driving and then park the truck and trailer for at least three days to take full advantage of a new place.

Grand Canyon Sunset

We spent three nights in Zion National Park and four nights at the Grand Canyon. Glorious!


Here are three of my favorite things from our road trip.

1. Listening to a good book on tape!

Extra Credit by Andrew Clements
We the Children (Benjamin Pratt and the Keepers of the School)

I always pick a few audio books to listen to while we drive along…makes the time pass so much faster but in a good way. We listened to audio books from the children’s section this time because I have some favorite storytellers that just happen to write books that are aimed at children. Andrew Clements is just one such author. Extra Credit was a delightful tale of pen pals that we actually listened to twice during our trip we liked it so much. The other book is the first in a series of six written for middle schoolers. It is just a light mystery sort of book that we thoroughly enjoyed and we will be continuing to listen to the next book on the next long road trip.

My other favorite audio book author is Brian Jacques and I think we have listened to every book in the Redwall series at least once. The author himself narrates much of the series with his Scotch accent and it is like being at the theater.
Martin the Warrior You can click this link and then click the sample to hear a bit of this book in the series.

Starbucks Las Vegas cup

2. Collecting Starbucks mugs.

We now have a half dozen “you are here” mugs from Starbucks. They make a great souvenir for coffee drinkers who like to have a large mug of coffee in the mornings. I kicked myself for not buying the Arizona mug with the saguaro cactus on it but I will be back to Arizona again someday. In the meantime, I will enjoy my Las Vegas mug!

3. Good road trip food.

We mostly ate at our campsite in the trailer for most of the trip but we decided to try a few new places just for fun.

Lake Tahoe Brewing Company: One place was in Carson City, Nevada. This is the capitol of Nevada but still a relatively small town. What a great place to stop for pizza and a delicious beer! My husband is a beer guru so this really hit the spot with him. I loved the wood-fire oven pizza…a little thin on the crust but still very tasty. I would highly recommend giving this place a try if you find yourself in Carson City or Fernley Nevada or also in Truckee, California (near me!).

El Tovar Dining Room and Lounge (Grand Canyon National Park): We had an enjoyable afternoon snack at this historic spot one afternoon overlooking the Grand Canyon. We will definitely be going back for appetizers again.

Sonic: We enjoy a good Sonic lunch when we are on the road. This one was in Kingman, Arizona and convenient to Hwy 95. My favorite drink? Cherry Limeade! We don’t have Sonic near our home so this is always a treat when we are on the road.

Cafe Oscar (Zion National Park): A great place to get a burger on a rainy day at the national park. Officially in the little adjacent town of Springdale, Utah, this cafe was hopping the day we were there. It was sort of funky but fun and I enjoyed their coffee and unique ceramic mugs.


I love to hear your favorites too! Leave me a comment if you have a favorite to share back with me.

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