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Print the sample for Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 and follow along as you see how week 1 can look in your family: Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 Sample (Weeks 1-4)

Harmony Fine Arts Grade One

Week 1

Art Appreciation: Pierre Auguste Renoir

Option One

  • Use the link in the notes section to view A Girl With a Watering Can.
  • Use the suggestions on page 9 of the plans to complete a picture study of this painting. (You can either view the painting online or you can print out one copy for your own family’s use.)

Option Two

  • Read pages 8 and 9 in the Oxford First Book of Art. Note: The pages in this book do not tie in with the artist in Option 1.
  • Ask the Look Closer Questions on page 9.
  • Complete the activity on page 9 which is to paint yourself taking a bath and show whether you enjoy it or not.

Option Three

  • Use the twelve Step 1 Level 1 cards from Child-Size Masterpieces and match the paintings created by the same artist.
  • Memorize the name of the painting, A Girl With a Watering Can by Renoir.

  • Color #27  in Impressionist Art Masterpieces to Color – A Girl With a Watering Can. Use the link in Option One to view this painting online as you color.

One last note about art appreciation with Harmony Fine Arts: Most families complete at least two options in a week to fill out their hour of art appreciation. Completing Options 1 and 2 or Options 1 and 3 will give you a complete plan for art at this age level. If you have additional time in your week or you are using this plan with older children, you could complete all three Harmony Fine Arts Options.

Week 1
Music Appreciation: Antonio Vivaldi

  • Read pages 10-13 in Lives of the Musicians. The object at this age level is to expose your child to classical music. The story in the book gives a little background for the composer and after you read the biography, ask the child to tell you what he remembers about Antonio Vivaldi. Don’t get too caught up the details at this age. I would rather you chose to listen to Vivaldi’s music as much as possible.

  • Listen to any Vivaldi music you have on hand or online. Suggested Listening: Vivaldi Four Seasons – Spring (Primavera)

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