Example Week – Grade 3 Late Renaissance to Early Modern


Harmony Fine Arts Grade 3


Print the sample for Harmony Fine Arts Grade 3 and follow along as you see how week 3 can look in your family: Harmony Fine Arts Grade 2 Sample Plans July 2015

Harmony Fine Arts Grade Three

Week 3:

Art Appreciation: Diego Velazquez

Option 1: Picture Study

  • Use the link provided to view the painting of the week: Las Meninas.
  • Apply the suggestions to view the painting that are given on page 9 of the plans. (There are also instructions for making this your computer’s desktop image. There are additional questions you can use to prompt your child to see more in the painting if you wish to go a little deeper.)

Option 2: Art Appreciation with Follow-Up Activities 

(2 short periods or one longer period of time each week)

Option 3: Artistic Pursuits with Picture Study Suggestions

Note: These lessons do not directly correspond with the artist from Option 1 or 2.  In this year of Harmony Fine Arts you will finish the second half of the Artistic Pursuits Book (started in Year 2). 

(2 short periods or one longer period of time each week)

  • Read Lesson 17 (pages 44-45) in Artistic Pursuits Grades K-3 Book Two on Albrecht Durer.
  • Visit the Garden of Praise page for Durer.
  • For the Parent: Read page 46 on printmaking.
  • Complete Project 17 on page 47 which is a monoprint with ink.

Your family can choose to do just one option or combine options together to get a richer art appreciation experience. Many families combine Option 1 with either Option 2 or 3. You can choose from week to week how much to include in your lesson.

HFa Grade 3 Sample Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation

George Handel

The plans give you specific music to listen to for Handel but you can always substitute any Handel CD you already own if you want to keep your expenses down.

If you have older children, there are also middle school level art and music appreciation plans for Late Renaissance and Early Modern times and you can read about them here: Harmony Fine Arts Grade 7 Late Renaissance to Early Modern Art. Please note that Grade 3 and Grade 7 have different artists and composers so they will not “match” except in covering the same time period.

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