Example Week – Grade 5 Ancient Art and the Orchestra


Harmony Fine Arts cover grade 5

Print the sample for Harmony fine Arts Grade 5 and follow along as you see how week 1 can look in your family: Harmony Fine Arts Grade 5 – Ancient Art Sample (Weeks 1-4)


Harmony Fine Arts Grade 5 Sample

Harmony Fine Arts Grade 5

Week 1

Art Appreciation: Prehistoric Art

Option 1: Picture Study

  • Use the link provided to view the artwork of the week: Cave Paintings (scroll down the left side until you get to “cave paintings” and click. Click to view images.)
  • Note to Parent: If you want to read through the introductory notes on this page you will glean some nice cave painting facts.
  • View the images and print one out for your notebook if you desire (instructions in the ebook). There is also a Prehistoric Art notebook page included in the plans for you to add your print to as well as record any facts you glean as you study Prehistoric Art for the next four weeks.

Option 2: Art Appreciation with Follow-Up Activities 

(2 short periods or one longer period of time each week)

  • Read Prehistoric Art pages 4-7. See the notes section in the Harmony Fine Arts plans for optional question prompts.
  • Optional Slideshow: Prehistoric Art Slideshow with didgeridoo music
  • Make your own cave art: Using brown crumpled paper and oil pastels or crayons, copy one of the cave paintings from the book for you art notebook.

Option 3: Artistic Pursuits with American Art 

(Note: This option does not correspond with the ancient history cycle.)

(2 short periods or one longer period of time each week)

  • Read Lesson 1 and 2 in Artistic Pursuits Grades 4-6 Book 1.
  • Complete the Try It suggestion (pencil sketch), view the art print in the book, and then complete the drawing suggestion in Lesson 2, remembering to fill up your space.
  • File your work in your art notebook and at the end of the unit use the evaluation sheet at the back of the Artistic Pursuits book to evaluate your work (if desired).
    Your family can choose to do just one option or combine options together to get a richer art appreciation experience.

Please Note: Many families combine Option 1 with either Option 2 or 3. You can choose from week to week how much to include in your lesson.

Music Appreciation: Strings

Story of the Orchestra and Supplemental Listening to Instruments of the Orchestra

  • Read pages 7-14 in Story of the Orchestra. Listen to tracks 1-2 on the accompanying CD. This section gives an overview of the book, introduces the Baroque Period, and Vivaldi.
  • Read pages 42-49 in Story of the Orchestra which is all about the string section in an orchestra. Listen to tracks 13-18 on the accompanying CD. Record information on the stringed instrument notebook page. Note: You will begin listening to the Instruments of Classical Music (Cello) next week.
  • Read pages 92-93 in Story of the Orchestra about the orchestra’s conductor.

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