Example Week – Grade 8 Modern Era

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Print the sample for Harmony Fine Arts Grade 8 and follow along as you see how week 2 can look in your family: Harmony Fine Arts Grade 8 Sample (Weeks 1-4)

Harmony Fine Arts Grade Eight

Week 2

Art Appreciation: Pierre August Renoir

Option 1: Picture Study

  • View La Loge using the link provided. (Click to enlarge.)
  • Print the image for your notebook if you wish using the instructions included in the ebook. Also you can add to your artist notebook page that you started in week 1.

Option 2: Art Appreciation with Follow-Up Activities 

(2 short periods or one longer period of time each week)

Option 3: Artistic Pursuits with World Art

(Note: This option does not correspond with the Modern Era history cycle.)

(2 short periods or one longer period of time each week)

  • Continue Artistic Pursuits Jr High Book Two Unit 1, pages 9-10. This unit is on Hue and Intensity and the project is working with pastels.
  • Practice using your pastel techniques and complete the project on page 10.

Please Note: Many families combine Option 1 with either Option 2 or 3. You can choose from week to week how much to include in your lesson.

Week 2 Music Appreciation

Peter Tchaikovsky

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