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Harmony Fine Arts Freebies Printables for art and music study

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Harmony Fine Arts offers quite a few free plans for your homeschool use. My hope is that these plans will help you get started with art and music appreciation in your home. There is so much joy in sharing these experiences with your children and sometimes we all need a little help knowing where to start.

Harmony Fine Arts Summer Art Plans Monet and Mendelssohn @harmonyfineartsHarmony Fine Arts 1800s Art and Music Plans @harmonyfinearts

Art and Music in the 1800’s – Updated March 2018

 Harmony Fine Arts Four Fabulous Fauvists printable activity @harmonyfineartsHarmony Fine Arts Summer Art Show Printables @harmonyfinearts

Harmony Fine Arts Composer Study Listening Log @harmonyfineartsart cards harmony fine artsHarmony Fine Arts Renaissance Printable Unit @harmonyfineartsHarmony Fine Arts Scott Joplin Composer Fun @harmonyfinearts

High School Free Downloads – Plans updated 8/1/15!

For your high school art and music, I have created plans that are simple and clear for you to use as part of your Fine Arts credit. These are meant for the high school student to complete independently with little or no help from a parent. There is no previous experience necessary and the plans can be covered at a reasonable pace over the four years of high school or faster if you allow more time each week. See this page for more specifics: Rhetoric Art and Music.

Harmony Fine Arts Free Printable High School Music Plans @harmonyfinearts

Please note that the current free music appreciation plans use an older version of the book The Classical Music Experience but by using the table of contents, you will easily be able to find the updated page numbers and selections to listen to with the Harmony Fine Arts plans.

Here is a set of artist and composer notebooking pages for you to use: Art and Music Appreciation Notebook Pages


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