Grammar Stage Plans

Harmony Fine Arts Plans for Grades 1-4 were written to stimulate interest and enthusiasm for art and music appreciation. Art appreciation plans are divided into three options and families can complete as much of each week plan as they desire. Picture study, follow-up activities, notebook pages, coloring pages, and listening on YouTube all help create a full and enriching art and music appreciation program for you to use at home with your children. Simple to follow plans are flexible and allow you to pick and choose how in-depth to go with each week’s study.

  • 1 hour per week doing picture study, art appreciation and/or an art activity.
  • 1 period per week (approx. 45 minutes) listening to a composer and/or reading about the composer.

Most families complete at least two options in a week to fill out their hour of art appreciation. Completing Options 1 and 2 or Options 1 and 3 will give you a complete plan for art at this age level. If you have additional time in your week or you are using this plan with older children, you could complete all three Harmony Fine Arts Options.