Grade 1 Overview Year

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Grade 1:

This is an overview year that covers a sampling of artists and composers to build interest and enthusiasm in your family for art and music appreciation. These plans are appropriate for students in grades 1-4 or for families who are new to art and music appreciation.

Art Option 1: All the artwork is linked to internet sources and you can view each painting online or you can print the paintings out to view and then add them to your art notebook.

Art Option 2: This option will schedule a variety of activities including viewing artwork, reading about artists or artistic styles, and art projects.

Art Option 3: Option three will be based on Child-Sized Masterpieces and Dover Coloring Books.

Composer Study: These plans include eight composers using the book Lives of the Musicians and then your choice of listening either with CDs you own or purchase or online listening using YouTube.

ebook  ebook bundle

  • 32 Weeks of Plans – 8 artists and 8 composers.
  • Links to internet sources for viewing artwork, additional activities, and YouTube listening.
  • Ebook version has clickable links.
  • Ebook edition includes two generic artist notebook pages.
  • Ebook format includes art prints to view and/or print out for your personal use.
  • Example week with lots of details and images: Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 Example Week.
  • View a sample here: Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 Sample Plans
  • Resources can be seen below.  Please note the information in this blog entry about the Oxford First Book of Art used in Option 2 of these plans.


Art Appreciation Option 2 Required Resources:


Oxford First Book of Art: See this blog entry for additional ways to purchase this Option 2 spine book at a reasonable price: Purchasing the Oxford First Book of Art.


The Usborne Art Treasury: This is a spine book for Option 2 art appreciation. Find a good used copy using the same methods as for the Oxford First Book of Art.

Art Appreciation Option 3 Required Resources:


Child Size Masterpieces 1,2, 3: These postcard size paintings are the foundation of the Option 3 plans for this grade level. They are a resource you can use over and over.


Six Mother and Child Cards – Mary Cassatt: Edit on 9/13/17: These cards remain on the Grade 1 plans at this time but have become an optional resource. For weeks 10-12 of Option 3, I would like to suggest that you instead follow the picture study links for Option 1. The selections from the coloring book can be seen at


Impressionist Art Masterpieces to Color: This is a high quality coloring book that will add another layer of learning to your art appreciation. You can use just about any art media to complete each page.


Color Your Own Impressionist Paintings: If you can find a reasonably priced copy of this coloring book it will enhance your art appreciation study.


Color Your Own Modern Art Masterpieces: If you can find a reasonably priced copy of this coloring book it will enhance your art appreciation study.

Music Appreciation Suggested Resources


Lives of the Musicians: This would be the spine for the Grade 1 music appreciation plans.


Masters of Classical Music Boxed Set: Purchase this set if you can find it reasonably priced. Otherwise, you can use CDs for each composer you have on hand, online listening, or the alternative CDs listed here for each composer.