Logic Stage Plans

Starting with Prehistoric Art and ending with 20th Century Art, logic stage plans introduce students to the instruments of the orchestra, artists and composers in chronological order, and art skills in drawing, water coloring, and working with polymer clay. Depending on which option you choose in art, these objectives will be covered in varying degrees. Use all four grades and your student will get a complete picture of art and music history.

As with all Harmony Fine Arts plans, there are three options for art and one flexible plan for music appreciation. Most families complete at least two options in a week to fill out their hour of art appreciation. Completing Options 2 and 2 or Options 1 and 3 will give you a complete plan for art at the logic stage level. If you have additional time in your week or you are using the plans with older students, you can complete all three Harmony Fine Arts Options.

Please note that the Artistic Pursuits book options do not stick to the time periods as stated in the overview chart.

  • 1-2 hours per week doing picture study, art appreciation and/or an art activity depending on which options you choose
  • 1 period per week (approx 45 minutes) listening to a composer and/or reading about the composer