Grade 5 Ancient Art & the Orchestra

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Grade 5 – Ancient Art and the Orchestra

Topics include:

  • Prehistoric Art
  • Ancient Egyptian Art
  • Ancient Greek Art
  • Ancient Roman Art
  • Native American Art
  • Instruments of the Orchestra
  • Overview of Classical Composers from Vivaldi to Prokofiev

Art Option 1: This option schedules artwork along with four art objects to view. All the artwork is linked to internet sources and you can view them online or you can print the paintings out to view and then add them to your art notebooks.

Art Option 2: This option will be art appreciation with a plan for learning to draw. Coloring pages for most of the art time periods are included in the back of these plans for you to print or copy.

Art Option 3: Option three will use Artistic Pursuits Grades 4-6, Book One for lessons in art appreciation as well as working with drawing pencils and ink pens. Please note that this book features American Artists and will not tie into your study of ancient art. NOTE: The Artistic Pursuits book scheduled in these plans is the Second Edition. If you get their current version of this book (Grades 4-5 Book 1) you will need to use the Table of Contents in the AP to coordinate the lessons.

Composer Study: The Harmony Fine Arts for this level cover the instruments of the orchestra. Each week will have a specific instrument or composer to listen to and learn about.

ebook ebook bundle

  • 32 weeks of planned study, including 9 custom notebook pages and 19 coloring book pages.
  • You can view an example week in action: Example Week for Harmony Fine Arts Ancient Art and the Orchestra.
  • Option one includes all links for every featured work to study.
  • Option two includes simple art activities to enhance option one picture study if you want a more complete art appreciation plan.
  • Option two includes a step by step drawing book to go along with your study of Ancient Egyptian art.
  • Option three is a schedule for completing Artistic Pursuits Grade 4-6 Book One. Please note that the Artistic Pursuits book covers American artists and will not tie into Option One or Two.
  • Music appreciation plans that include online listening, a study of the instruments of the orchestra, and an overview of classical music using the book, Story of the Orchestra.
  • Six images for art study included in the eBook that you can print out to enhance your study of art
  • You can view the resources needed below.


Art Appreciation Option 2 Resources


DK Eyewitness Book – Ancient Egypt: Purchase a good used copy or you could try the revised edition.


DK Eyewitness Book – Ancient Rome: Purchase a good used copy or you could try the revised edition.

Ancient Greek

Ancient Greek Art: Purchase a good used copy from or you can try finding it at Rainbow Resource.


Art in History – Prehistoric Art: Purchase a good used copy from or you can try finding it at Rainbow Resource.



Ralph Masiellos Ancient Egypt Drawing Book


Art Appreciation Option 3  Resource


Artistic Pursuits Grades 4-5 Book One: Purchase this resource from Artistic Pursuits directly. The Harmony Fine Arts plans for this year are written for the original book titled Grades 4-6 Book One.


Music Appreciation Resources


The Story of the Orchestra


Instruments of the Classical Music – Flute


Instruments of the Classical Music – Cello


Instruments of the Classical Music – Organ



Instruments of the Classical Music – Trumpet


Classical Music Start-Up Kit Volume 2


Ancient Art and the Orchestra: SpellOutloud

Read a review from a family who used Harmony Fine Arts Ancient Art and the Orchestra!

Spell Outloud “Each week we study a featured work in art. We read about it, look at various examples on the internet and then try to complete a project or sketch of the type of work. Then the older children also complete a notebooking page about the piece and include it in their unit notebook.”