Grade 8 Modern Era

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Grade 8: Modern Era Art and Music

The Harmony Fine Arts Grade 8  plans will tackle 20th Century artists and composers in a way that brings out all the unique qualities and style of that time period. Impressionism to Abstract Art, these artists can be exciting and confusing but the resources used in this grade level will help your student get the most out of their artist study. This is also an interesting period for composers and the plans line up a great list of music to listen to in simple weekly plans.

Art Option 1: All the artwork is linked to internet sources and you can view them online or you can print the paintings out to view and then add them to your art notebooks.

Art Option 2: This option will schedule a variety of activities including viewing artwork, reading about artists, completing notebook pages, and art projects. Coloring pages for some of the artists are included in the back of these plans for you to print or copy.

Art Option 3: Option three will use Artistic Pursuits Grades Junior High Book 2 for lessons in art appreciation. Along with these plans you will be completing many of the same activities as Option 2.

Composer Study: The Harmony Fine Arts plans for this level include six composers, listening either with CDs you own or purchase or online listening using YouTube.

ebook  ebook bundle

  • 36 Weeks of Plans – 6 artists and 6 composers.
  • Ebook format includes links to internet sources for viewing artwork, additional activities, and YouTube listening and viewing.
  • Example week in action with specifics here on my blog:Harmony Fine Arts Grade 8 Example Week.
  • Ebook includes a variety of notebook pages and 14 coloring pages to use as a follow-up to your study.
  • 19 notebook pages.
  • Ebook format includes art prints for five of the six artists to view and/or print out for your personal use.
  • Resources can be seen below.


Art Appreciation Option 2 Resources


Usborne Introduction to Modern Art


Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists – Renoir


Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists- Pollock


Art Appreciation Option 3


Artistic Pursuits Middle School Book 2: Purchase this from Artistic Pursuits. Please note that the Harmony Fine Arts for this grade originally used the Artistic Pursuits Junior High Book 2.

Music Appreciation Resources


Story of Tchaikovsky


Best of Prokofiev


Copland: Appalachian Spring


Poulenc: Complete Chamber Music Vol. 1


Kabalevsky: Romeo and Juliet


Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists – Bernstein