Degas – Prokofiev

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Edgar Degas and Sergei Prokofiev Mini-Unit

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These plans will help your family with a simple and easy to implement way to provide artist and composer study in your home. The plans are flexible and can be used by children of all ages. The selections for art and music are loosely connected by the thread of ballet. Degas is known for his paintings of ballet dancers and Prokofiev wrote many ballet scores including Romeo and Juliet.

This mini-unit includes:

  • Complete plans for including art and music appreciation using Edgar Degas’ artwork and Sergei Prokofiev’s music. Approximately six weeks of plans are outlined.
  • Suggested follow-up activities for each painting studied.
  • Materials list provided.
  • 9 notebook pages, 4 coloring pages.
  • Suggested song selections with links to online listening and several follow-up activities for Prokofiev, including Peter and the Wolf.
  • Read more about this unit here: Degas and Prokofiev Mini-Unit.
  • View a sample: Degas and Prokofiev Sample.
  • 28 pages. $3.25.