Van Gogh – Handel

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Van Gogh and Handel Mini-Unit


These plans feature one composer and one artist for you to study for 6-9 weeks. They are designed to be flexible and appropriate for all ages of children so you can use one plan with everyone in your family.

Plans Include:

  • Suggestions for including art and music appreciation using Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork and George Handel’s Water Music.
  • Color wheel activity to introduce complementary colors.
  • Short follow-up activities for each painting using common art supplies.
  • Suggested study plans for your composer study with links to online listening and follow-up activities and notebook pages.
  • 7 custom notebook pages, 6 coloring pages.
  • Here is more information about this awesome plan: Van Gogh and Handel Mini-Unit.
  • 29 pages. SAMPLE
  • $3.25