Notebooking has become a wonderful way to document and solidify learning. As a homeschooling mom, I have come to appreciate the way notebooking customized my sons’ learning and allowed for greater freedom in showing just what they are learning each week. On this page, I am attempting to organize all of my best notebooking tips for homeschooling families to use as inspiration. The examples here on this page are from my children’s high school notebooks and show the variety of styles and resources available if you are wanting a completely customized notebooking system for your family.

Notebooking Tips

Notebooking for High School @harmonyfinearts

Homeschooling for High Schoolers? Need a fresh idea? Notebooking! This flexible method of documenting learning is a great tool for high schoolers. My Notebooking for High Schoolers page over on Hubpages will help you glean some ideas from our experiences using premade and custom made notebook pages in high school subjects. These are more than fill in the blanks exercises and each page will give your child a great way to document their learning in a way that is meaningful to them.

You can read it here, Notebooking for High Schoolers. 

Top 5 reasons to noteook in high school

  • 1. Personalized Learning. Notebook pages give students a place to record what they know and what they found  interesting from their reading. I always encourage my boys to go further as they find topics of interest. They learn research skills as they ask their own questions and then find the answers.
  • 2. Encourages Creativity. Using notebook pages gives the opportunity for a balance of writing and artwork. My boys welcome the variety of ways you can build a notebook page including drawing maps or diagrams, finding images to include, or copying quotes.
  • 3. Convenient Way To Organize Information Across the Subjects. Learning is not confined to just one particular subject in isolation. Notebooking can combine subjects to make an interesting follow-up project. Literature and History-Biography of an author or more in-depth information about the setting or character’s time period in history. History and Science-Biography of a scientist or a timeline of inventions. Art Appreciation and History-Information about the art time period, other artists working at the same time, biographies, and other influences on the artist.
  • 4. Budget Friendly. Once you have access to a few basic sets of notebook pages there is no need for workbooks or fill in the blanks type pages you use up and don’t look at again. Notebooking pages can be printed on demand which frees up your time for other aspects of homeschooling.
  • 5. Great for Review and Long-Term Retention of Information. Use notebook pages to review before college testing such as the SAT or SAT subject tests. Notebook pages can also be used to refresh your memory as you build transcript records or high school portfolios. My boys page through their notebooks for a quick review at the end of each term-much more interesting than reviewing a workbook.


Click the Flickr slideshow below to see some examples of high school level notebooking pages.

High School Notebook Pages
Notebooking Pages to an Essay

We used notebooking pages a tool for creating a more formal essay combining multiple pages. See the steps by clicking the link below.

How to Use Notebook Pages to Write a Formal Essay Using the Institute for Excellence in Writing System.

Notebooking for History

One subject that I use notebooking pages for on a regular basis is history. History seems to lend itself to a good notebook page with a map, a scene from history, or a portrait of a historical figure. These are the pages where I let the boys record their summary of a daily reading, a short biography of an important person, the results of a research point that came up during their daily reading, or anything else they feel is worthy of remembering from their study of history. We do not use quizzes in our homeschool, but I can tell by reading their notebook pages whether they are gaining a real understanding of the material we cover.
History Timeline Notebook

How to Set Up A History Notebook – This post explains how to set up and then use a history timeline notebook.

NotebookingPages timeline

In high school you can use notebook pages to record a variety of types of narration. Words, quotes, sketches, poetry, and so much more give you an insight into what your child is learning…much more so than a quiz or test.

Notebooking for Literature

Notebooking With Living Books @harmonyfinearts

Notebook pages are not the same as worksheets – They provide personalized learning by keeping a record of thoughts and interesting points gleaned from reading good books. Worksheets have a preset answer in mind but notebooking helps the student make their own connections. No more true/false, fill in the blanks, multiple choice, or mindless vocabulary work. What gets written on the notebook page is straight from the child’s experience…narration at a high school level.

Read more in my blog entry: Notebooking with Living Books.

Notebooking for Art and Music Appreciation

art notebook page harmony fine artsMy Harmony Fine Arts plans include custom notebooking page for all the year plans. Our family loved using the flexibility of using these page to record our learning. You can read more about the process of using the artist and composer notebooking pages here: Artist Study- High School Art Apprecation.



Additional Ideas

I have also written a post sharing how I combine Tapestry of Grace and notebooking pages. You can read on my blog: Tapestry of Grace and Notebooking Pages

Here is a post about how I use notebook pages in our Charlotte Mason style homeschool, including during high school: Notebooking in a Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Notebooking: Building Good Habits in Your Homeschooler

Notebooking Pages Free Membership
Sources for Notebooking Page That I Recommend:

My favorite source of notebook pages is over at They have a wonderful plan for gaining access to all her notebook pages using a subscription. You really need to go over and check it out for your family. You can read more of my thoughts about’s membership here: The Value of a Membership.

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