Authority and Habits ala Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Authority and Habits @harmonyfinearts

I can not resist another Charlotte Mason post this week, I am so enjoying reading and thinking about her ideas. This week’s chapter, chapter 3, is on authority in the home and in your school. I highly recommend reading this chapter which you can do online translated into modern English. Volume 3 in modern English

Here are my favorite quotes from this week’s readings (in the translated modern English format)

“If a parent seems to doubt that the child will obey, then there’s room for the child to hesitate, ‘Should I do it, yes or no?’ If you don’t even appear to question the possibility that he might not comply, he’ll feel that a trust has been committed to him, and he’ll keep it.” Vol. 3 page 15

So as part of our authority in the home, it is our responsibility to *expect* our children to obey us. We should appear as if there is no question that we have the authority and the ability to have them obey us. Doesn’t this make it seem simple? Maybe it is. Eph 6:1

“The man who has the power to make himself do what his mind wills can achieve anything. It’s up to parents to give their children this kind of power by making it a matter of habit.” Vol. 3 page 20

Amen! I am so on board with this thinking. Good habits are hard to break so if we teach our children from the start to do their best job at everything they put their hands to, they will be able to achieve so much in life. We must teach them that good habits and perseverance are what make us successful, especially in God’s eyes. Col 3:23

“We hardly need to add that authority is just and faithful when it comes to keeping promises. It’s also considerate, which is why a good mother makes the best Ruler in a home–she’s in touch with her children, knows their unspoken ambitions and understands their half-formed dreams. If she can’t give in, she tries to divert and redirect. She never rules by crushing with a sledge-hammer–a tool of power that children somehow never sympathize with.”

Oh yes, children can see that when we start with the heavy handedness we have lost all control. As homeschooling moms we have the unique position to know our children so intimately that we rarely give in to this thinking. We can redirect bad behavior, we can inspire them in their dreams, and we can keep our promises. Eph. 6:4

So enough for this week. I am inspired by this chapter to keep my authority and that of my husband in it’s proper place. This contributes to a happier and more successful family.



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