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The Usborne Art Treasury: Pictures, Paintings, and Projects

The Usborne Art Treasury: Pictures, Paintings, and Projects

A Quick Review


There are many simple to use art appreciation resources available, but one that’s been used in my family and I continue to recommend is The Usborne Art Treasury by Rosie Dickins.  Readers often ask me what books to purchase for their art appreciation library and I always suggest taking a look at this resource.

The Usborne Art Treasury

Here are some specific reasons I enjoy this art resource:


  • Large, clear images of artwork featured.
  • A narrative that gives some interesting tidbits about the artwork and/or the artist.


  • Follow-up art projects based on the featured painting using art supplies and materials readily available.
  • Clear instructions that will give confidence to even beginning artists (and their moms!).
  • A variety of artists and art styles that will appeal to a wide range of ages.
  • 22 projects to spread out over the course of an entire school year or even over multiple years.
  • Projects can be done in any order and with very little preparation time.
  • Perfect for families to use all together and feel successful.


If you would like to read more of my art book suggestions, here is a link to a post I wrote a few years ago: Art Books: My Suggestions for a Basic Library.


Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 Art and Music Plans @harmonyfinearts.org

Note: This book is featured in my Harmony Fine Arts grade 1 art appreciation plans.

You can view a sample of these plans here: Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 Sample

Child-Size Masterpieces – Resources for Art Appreciation



Don’t miss the link to the updated post below!

I’m working my way through all of my posts in the archives and making sure the most valuable of posts are brought to light in 2018. This week I’d love for you to take a look at one of my favorite, simple to use art appreciation resources, Child Size Masterpieces. I reviewed these cards over a decade ago and I still feel just as strongly today that they’re worth looking at for your family.

Child Size Masterpieces (postcard size pieces of art on sturdy cardstock) are an inexpensive and effective way to allow children to see with their eyes and touch with their hands great art from the most famous of artists.

Please click over and read my updated information about this resource that I highly recommend to all families.

Child Size Masterpieces- How to Use


HFA Grade 1 Cover Image

You may be interested in knowing that I use the Child Size Masterpieces in my Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 Plans. These plans give you a schedule for viewing them with your children over the course of a school year. If you want to have a pre-made plan, click over and see the sample for Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1.

As an extra incentive, here is a discount code to get you started. Use the code below and receive $5 off your purchase of any Harmony Fine Arts plans, Grades 1-8.

Discount Code: archive5


Harmony Fine Arts Purchase Now button

Dover Art Cards-How To Use and Store Them

Dover Art Cards - Using them for picture study and storage ideas

Dover Art Cards are a wonderful resource when you are creating an artist study for your family. I love them so much that they are a part of several grade levels of the formal Harmony Fine Arts plans. The value of having art prints in full color even if they are postcard size is immeasurable for visual learners. Children can build their familiarity with lots of artists over time by viewing the style and manner in which each artist paints and uses colors. The Dover Art Cards are reasonably priced and each set has lots of postcard size prints to display, handle, and study.

You can read my basic tips for  Dover Art Cards over on The Curriculum Choice.
Harmony Fine Arts - Printable art cards

If you are ready for more advanced picture study using Dover Art Cards, you could try using the printable Art Cards with questions for examining a print more closely.

Additional Ideas for Using Dover Art Cards

Identify Different Artists: With two sets from different artists on hand, take four from each set and mix them up. Place the cards on the table with the prints facing up. Now challenge your children to sort the cards by artist into two stacks. When they are finished, turn the cards over to see the labels and check their guesses.

Dover Art Cards creation of adam

Copywork: Use the art cards as the basis for a picture study copywork session. Have your child duplicate the painting as best they can using colored pencils.

Picture Study Using a Viewfinder: I shared this idea a long time ago but it is one you can adapt with Dover Art Cards. Create a viewfinder and place it over the card. Have your child duplicate what they see in the viewfinder using colored pencils.

How do we store our Dover Art Cards?

I store our Dover Art Cards sets in a photo box. I take apart the cards and organize them by artist, each with a file card with the name of the artist on the tab. Some of the sets are more general like Great Impressionist Art Cards .

We have a lot of cards and this keeps them organized in such a way that we can pull the box out, flip to the artist we are looking for, and then pull out the stack of cards.

Dover Art Cards Storage Ideas @harmonyfinearts

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Harmony Fine Arts

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